After months of hype, Microsoft has finally released their newest operating system, Windows 8, and business owners are wondering: Should I upgrade to Windows 8? Is it worth the cost?

As usual, the answer isn’t so easy, but ACE IT Solutions can help provide more info on which you can base your decision.

For small businesses, training, workflow disruption and downtime potential related to upgrading an operating system throughout the business are negatives. Employees are likely to need hands-on instruction on the new operating system, which looks a lot different from Microsoft’s older operating systems. The learning curve will result in an initial drop in productivity. Plus, many SMBs don’t often have extra room in the budget for upgrades that aren’t critical.

SMBs shouldn’t feel left behind if they don’t immediately upgrade to Windows 8. Experts don’t expect businesses to adopt Windows 8 in large numbers any time soon.  Small businesses with limited budgets can probably afford to wait. The operating system will eventually makes its way into the business in the form of new laptops, desktops and tablets, until then, businesses should feel safe investing their cash in necessary IT upgrades, like offsite backup, security and cloud services that increase productivity.

One caveat, if your business is running an old, outdated Microsoft operating system that is no longer supported, like Windows NT, then you will most likely benefit from an upgrade to Windows 8.

Enterprise businesses are only now starting to adopt Windows 7, which means SMBs aren’t being left behind and the shouldn’t be in a huge hurry to catch up. However, Windows 8 is here to stay, and companies that allow BYOB need to be ready to deal with the influx of Windows 8 devices that will soon be in the hands of employees. In this case, IT departments and their IT partners need to be prepared to supply support for the new operating system.

Wondering if you should upgrade to Windows 8? The experts at ACE IT Solutions can help you decide, contact us at 646-558-5575.

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