Windows 8 was released last October and has been reviewed ad nauseam by tech experts. The general consensus is that Windows 8 is very capable, without major technical flaws. The major question seems to be: “Is it worth upgrading to Windows 8?”

The operating systems’ mobile-centric design is of most benefit to businesses that rely on mobile devices and tablet computers for productivity. Mobility is where Windows 8 really shines. SMBs that are mostly desk-top based are finding that Windows 7 is getting the job done and won’t see as much bang for the buck, thought there are SMBs out there migrating their entire organizations to Windows 8.

The decision to upgrade to Windows 8 requires careful evaluation of the new features and how they will impact the productivity of your workforce. According to Tech Republic/Dot Com Infoway, these are some of the most beneficial features of Window 8:

  • Boots 55.26% faster than Windows 7
  • Supports 3G/4G
  • User-friendly print and search operations
  • Metro user interface with touch mode
  • New task manager
  • Better cyber security solutions
  • Internet Explorer 10
  • Hyper-V Client
  • Windows to Go
  • Unified extensible Firmware Interface
  • SkyDrive

Not sure if/how a Windows 8 upgrade will impact your SMB? Contact ACE IT Solutions at or (646) 558-5575.

ACE IT Solutions can make your transition to Windows 8 seamless and minimize downtime by planning and implementing a deployment strategy using your existing infrastructure. We have many years of experience helping business transition to new operating systems. We will evaluate your current infrastructure and assess readiness for a transition to Windows 8.

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