cloud securityHow secure is a move to the cloud? Unfortunately, the security of the cloud can’t be answered with a simple, straight-forward answer. Cloud security for your specific business will vary depending on many different factors. Think in terms of threat, vulnerability, impact and controls.

Consider these factors — threat, impact, vulnerabilities, and controls —¬† to help understand the value and security of moving to the cloud. You must have an understanding the threats associated with a particular cloud architecture. What are your vulnerabilities? What kind of impact will those vulnerabilities have on your business? Controls can help reduce the risk/impact. Keep in mind that your security assessment may vary depending on the cloud architecture, application or resource being evaluated.

Here are some questions to consider when trying to answer the tricky question of cloud security.

  • How might your technical architecture change because of the cloud and will those changes, in turn, make you more or less vulnerable to attack?
  • How does the value to the attacker change?
  • Will increased access mean increase threat?
  • How does the value to the owner change?
  • How does the control environment change?
  • How does the risk change as you hand over some control / Will greater access increase the threat?

Additional points that will help answer the cloud security question:

  • Mature cloud providers are likely to have strong security.
  • Get a firm guarantee on up-time and availability to ensure your resources will be available — and hold the cloud providers accountable for delivering on that guarantee.
  • Ask the provider how it keeps data from leaking between customers who share the infrastructure.
  • Compliance can be tricky. Look for certifications specific to your industry.
  • Move non-essential functions to the cloud first.
  • Fortify gateways, increase encryption and manage the keys.
  • ¬†Consider costs versus performance impact of security services.

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