The proliferation of Wi-Fi is exactly what makes it exploitable. It is a mainstream technology with great benefits and efficiencies, yet it comes with some serious security challenges. It is an easy target for hackers, whose hit-an-miss-style attacks remain undetected.

By simply sitting in a parking lot, a hacker can scan the air to exploit vulnerabilities in your network.

ACE IT Solutions  recommends following best practices to help avoid Wi-Fi security pitfalls and secure confidential company data, your enterprise network and your reputation.

Improperly Configured Wireless Networks
Access points must be encrypted. Open access points serve as a backdoor for hackers.

Home Access Points for Business Use
This is bad practice. Inexpensive home/SOHO grade Wi-Fi access points increase the chance of security breach.

Wi-Fi Scanning
Automated Wi-Fi scanning and wireless intrusion prevention systems (WIPS) detect and physically locate rogue wireless access points and protect against all types of Wi-Fi misuse and attacks.

Rogue Access Points
Rogue access points are attached to the corporate network without the company’s knowledge. Sometimes they are unwittingly deployed by employees looking for wireless. Sometimes they are maliciously placed. Almost all are unsecured.

Broadcasting SSID
Mobile employees, especially those that spend a lot of time in airports and hotels, jump on open wireless hotspots to connect to the internet. This puts sensitive company data at risk. Be sure that unused SSIDs (Preferred networks) are removed from the list so the mobile devise is not automatically broadcasting through the air in search of those wireless networks. Hackers can set up fake networks, hook a victim’s device via SSID and use a scan the victim’s computer for vulnerabilities to exploit. Viral SSIDs, which can be “caught” on free Wi-Fi networks, can happen without knowledge and turn the device into a Wi-Fi network inviting connections from other users.

Educate employees about endpoint security best practices to protect the company against Wi-Fi-based attacks. Consider a written policy that clarifies secure Wi-Fi use as part of a BYOD plan.

Use strong encryption (WPA2) and authentication for your enterprise network.

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