Once considered a technology accessible only to large enterprises, virtual desktops and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) have been considered out of reach for many small and medium sized business due to cost constraints and lack of technical expertise. However, there is a real need for business of all sizes to have the increased mobility and productivity and cost-savings benefits delivered by desktop virtualization and technology vendors like Citrix and Kavisa are answering the call.

Why should SMBs virtualize?
Reduced PC-refresh budgets – You can save up to 60% over deploying expensive PC replacements by using a VDI infrastructure like VDI-in-a-box.

Cut desktop costs – VDI lets businesses consolidate PC patching and management, reducing PC replacement costs by lengthening the time between PC refresh cycles.

Work anywhere on any device –  Workers are no longer tied to the office. Use Windows PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablet computers to access your personalized desktop anytime you need need it.

Reduce downtown – Virtual desktops provide the ability to manage service levels via policies and a central desktop that is always available, even when a user’s specific PC is not.

Reduced support costs – Administrators manage a grid of VDI-in-a-Box servers centrally with an intuitive wizard-driven interface. Automated policy-based management cuts desktop support costs.

Return on investment (ROI) and affordability – Upfront investment is minimal. VDI-in-a-box delivers high availability without additional infrastructure, cuts out the need for the shared storage, high-speed interconnects and multiple management servers that VDI typically requires. Start small with one or two servers and grow as your needs evolve by simply adding more servers to the grid. No re-design is required.

We invite you to lean more about virtual desktops at our webinar on Thursday, October 27 at 1 PM EST featuring Citrix VDI-in-a-box. Register or learn more HERE.

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