Cloud computing is one of the most compelling trends in technology. In fact, Gartner Research has named cloud computing as the number one technology worth watching in 2011. Many of the businesses we work with are still hazy about the cloud. Some businesses don’t realize that they are already using the cloud as an off-site backup and recovery solution.

For many businesses, particularly SMBs, the cloud is an ideal platform for data backup.  Backing up data is essential, but with the glut of data produced, managing backups has become more costly. With businesses looking to consolidate, not expand IT, buying more storage devices for backup just doesn’t make sense. Businesses are using cloud backup solutions to address their most pressing issues in data backup and storage, and are reaping the benefits of the greater efficiencies delivered by cloud backup solutions.

Here are the top reasons driving businesses to cloud backup solutions:

  1. IT Efficiency
    Organizations are moving to the cloud primarily to make their business processes more efficient. Cloud backup allows businesses to eliminate hardware, software, maintenance, and personnel costs associated with doing all backup in house. Someone else takes care of your backup so you can focus time and resources on other business-critical tasks.
  2. Security
    Data loss and security is an expensive challenge for small businesses to address and most SMBs just don’t have the resources to invest in adequate data protection. Cloud vendors have the experts and the resources on hand to focus on keeping up with security challenges.  SMBs who use a cloud vendor for backup get to reap the benefits at a much lower cost than trying to address security issues themselves.
  3. Data Deduplication
    SMBs create and store so much data that it would be almost impossible to store everything in its original format, not to mention how many duplicate copies would be created if all that data was backed up continually.  Cloud backup provides smart ways to compress data for maximum efficiency and easy recovery.
  4. Process Validation
    By using cloud backup, businesses can be sure that their data is being backup regularly and that the backups are being monitored so you can worry about other business tasks.
  5. Scalability
    With data storage requirements growing rapidly, scalability is essential. The idea of adding new disks or tapes for backup makes little economic sense. Cloud backup solutions allow businesses to eliminate hardware, software, and maintenance costs associated with data backup, as well as concerns with utilization rates, server sprawl and data sprawl. Cloud backup providers offer easily scaled storage platforms that ensure data is archived in the most efficient and economic way possible.
  6. Data Recovery Speed and Options
    The whole point of data backup is having the data available when you really need it. Cloud backup providers have a range of options for data recovery and state of the art infrastructure to ensure backup and restorations are handled as fast and efficient as possible. Most importantly, your data will be there when you need it most.
  7. Compliance
    Cloud backup can remove some of the cost and complexity out of meeting regulatory compliance and electronic discovery requirements for SMBs.

The bottom line is that cloud backup solutions can help lower costs and improve assurance and support associated with data backup. Given the benefits of cloud backup, it is hard to imagine why a business, especially SMBs, would still be relying on tapes and discs and trying to manage it all in-house.

ACE IT Solutions has formed close relationships with some of the most trusted names in cloud backup for small and mid-sized businesses. Contact us to learn more about taking your data backup to the cloud. We will evaluate your current solution and find a cost-effective way to transition that process to the cloud.


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