The economic impact of cyber attacks is greater than it ever was. Your data is valuable incentive for hackers to exploit whatever weaknesses they can find and use that data for all kinds of nefarious gain.  Thanks to the dark web, the information businesses collect, process, and exchange can be monetized more easily than ever before.

As hackers start to use automation in their attacks, weaker, less-protected SMBs become easy targets. Do not understate the liability created when your business’ data comes into a hacker’s possession. A cyber attack can easily eclipse a SMB’s cash reserves and bankrupt an unprepared business.

Managing the big picture across these diverse fields of expertise is an executive-level, fiduciary duty. Only forward-thinking leaders with a grasp of the big picture will be able to solve this business problem.

How do they solve this problem?

strategic cyber risk assessment  is the first step in helping business leaders see the entire threat landscape as it pertains specifically to their firm. Only when you identify cybersecurity gaps can you properly take charge in the context of your business objectives.

A strategic cyber risk assessment is the cornerstone tool for evaluating and managing cyber risk. Unless gaps are identified and remediated, your firm WILL fall victim to hackers.

ACE IT Solutions’ security assessment provides a comprehensive evaluation of your organization’s existing security policies, procedures, controls and mechanisms in relation to best practices, the current threat landscape and industry standards. Our security experts will identify risks and outline specific, actionable steps to improve the business’ overall security posture. Contact Warren Finkel at 646.558.6358 to set up an assessment.

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