The COVID-19 pandemic brought technology changes a breakneck pace. Forbes put together a list of the Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends of the COVID Era.

This list should serve as a forward-looking guide to where technology will have the biggest impact on businesses this year.

  1. 5G
    5G deployment is forging ahead, despite the virus, and offer faster connectivity. COVID-19 only intensified this demand as workers left their offices in well-connected areas for at-home offices with slower internet.
  2. Wi-Fi 6
    Again, faster connectivity for remote workers. In April, the FCC unanimously voted to open the new band of spectrum to devices that can accommodate it and the first WI-Fi 6 devices are expected to be released later this year.
  3.  Analytics
    Data analytics provide a competitive advantage. According to Forbes, “Using big data and analytics has always been on a steady growth trajectory and then COVID-19 exploded and made the need for data even greater.”
  4. AI and Machine Learning
    Data without technology to analyze it, is useless. AI and machine learning have exploded in recent months as businesses turned to the technology to gain insights into their data.
  5. Blockchain
    In April, the Department of Homeland Security named blockchain an essential technology for fighting COVID-19 and repairing our broken economy. Blockchain, if deployed correctly, has the potential to fix damaged supply chains by processing and verifying transactions quickly.
  6. Process automation
    Even as coronavirus passes, we’ll see more and more companies looking to offload as many tasks as they can (via RPA/IPA) to ensure that business runs smoothly once the next global disruption occurs.
  7. Conversational AI
    During the coronavirus shutdown, one thing that took a major hit for all companies was customer service. One way to solve that: a highly trained army of conversational AI bots ready to answer customer questions and keep their worlds moving — even as your customer service team is out of service.
  8. Always connected PCs
    Always connected PCs deliver constant connectivity using mobile LTE and 5G. In the wake of so many working at home and needing good reliable connectivity, Always Connected PCs could become an important means to providing fast, battery friendly, always-connected laptops for workers, students and anyone else that may not have the same access to an office, a school or the local coffee shop.
  9. Connected devices expanded
    We are moving closer to connected cities and autonomous vehicles. Car companies are still moving the technology forward despite the pandemic.
  10. Everything as a Service
    “As a Service” technologies will only continue to expand as legacy systems are either eliminated or put into a consumption like model.

Most of these Digital Transformation trends will grow in the future as the pandemic continues and businesses are required to be nimble and transition quickly

We are seeing firsthand how a lot of these technologies can help businesses stay connected and productive. Contact ACE IT Solutions at 646.558.5575 or if you are having issues keeping up with the quickly changing pace of digital transformation in the COVID Era.

Read the Forbes article here.

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