Despite all the hype surrounding it, Cloud computing is not a revolution, it is an evolution. It isn’t the future of technology, it it how technology is done today. The technology and expertise available to provide cost-effective IT that is resilient and scalable has taken some time to get to the point that it accessible to practically all businesses. And that technology has arrived just in time, in the form of the Cloud.

Today’s economic climate makes the Cloud an increasingly compelling option to consider as businesses try to boost productivity and keep their network up and running with their shrinking budgets. Businesses can reduce on-site hardware expenditures and reduce the need for spending money on maintenance and upgrades. What’s the secret? Pay only for the services you use, “pay as you grow”. What’s the benefit? Predictable costs.

Businesses that take advantage of cloud services also get to take advantage of the expertise of the cloud provider rather than hiring additional on-site staff to deal with an IT infrastructure.

What are some of they ways you business can take advantage of the Cloud?
Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas)
Essentially, your infrastructure is hosted off-site
Off-site backup and data storage
Data is stored in an off-site data center so it can be accessed anytime, including when disaster strikes
Hosted exchange
Your email is hosted offsite so it can be accessed away from the office and during outages and disasters, like we recently faced with Super Storm Sandy
Software as a Service (SaaS)
Software is not located on individual PCs and devices, rather, it is delivered via the Cloud (internet), hosted offsite and updated and maintained by the supplier. Business pay only for what they use.

If your business is under pressure to reduce costs, the Cloud may be a good option for you. ACE IT Solutions can customize a cost-effective cloud solution that lets you do more with less. Call us today at 908-704-0400 and let us show you how the cloud can help.

ACE IT Solutions delivers a portfolio of best-of-breed cloud computing solutions that are secure, cost-effective and flexible enough to meet the specific needs of any business.

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