Businesses are utilizing the web more than ever, reaping its benefits for increased mobility and productivity and easy access to data and applications. It is no big secret the internet is a dangerous place. Cyber criminals are continually finding ways to penetrate digital defenses and steal unprotected valuable data. SophosLabs says that in 2011 they saw one malicious attack every 4.5 seconds.

Web-based attacks are the second most costly type of attack, topped only by denial of service attacks, according to the Ponemon Institute. These types of attacks expose your business to enormous risks, including financial losses, regulatory and compliance issues, data breach liabilities, damage to brand and reputation, and loss of customer confidence.

These stats from SophosLabs and the Ponemon Institute reveal the realities of cybercrime:

  • A new web threat is detected every 4.5 seconds
  • The average daily cost of a web-based attack is $23,000
  • It takes a company 23.5 days to resolve a web-based attack
  • 90% of attacks could be prevented by an existing patch or configuration setting
  • 83% of malicious URLs are legitimate websites that have been hacked

Malware presents an enormous risk of infection, creates legal liability issues and places a burden on your infrastructure.Unpatched vulnerabilities are like doors left unlocked so the bad guys can sneak onto your network and exploit weaknesses in the user’s browser, browser plugin, application or operating system.

Don’t leave the doors to your valuable data unlocked. There are ways you can protect your data and your business from creative cybercriminals. ACE IT Solutions has reliable and cost-effective endpoint protection solutions that give businesses all the tools they need to protect their valuable data. Our seamless internet security solution eliminates costs and complexities associated with data protection by providing complete web protection that also keeps users compliant.

Don’t leave the doors to your data unlocked. Contact ACE IT Solutions today for a security assessment. We can determine if your data is vulnerable to attack and help protect it, no matter how is it accessed.

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