cloud securitySony continues to feel the pain of the recent hack in which employees’ “most sensitive data, including over 47,000 Social Security numbers, employment files including salaries, medical information, and anything else that their employer Sony touched, has been leaked to the public, and may even be in the hands of criminals,” according to a lawsuit filed by Sony employees.

The class-action lawsuit alleges that the company failed to protect its computer systems against hackers. The plaintiffs allege that Sony knew about weaknesses in its computer security “for years” but “made a ‘business decision to accept the risk’ of losses associated with being hacked.”

Can your businesses accept the risk of getting hacked?

Data breaches are costly and can lead to a damaged reputation, lawsuits, steep remediation costs and loss of business and clients. Don’t assume your business is too small to be the target – a security breach can happen to businesses of any size and in any industry.

1. Use this TOOL to calculate the costs and risks of a data breach in your organization.

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3. Secure your network with security solutions that can be customized to meet your needs and budget.

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Read more here: Employees sue Sony over massive hack:,2817,2473756,00.asp

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