SMBs aren’t usually on the cutting edge of technology trends. They often let the big guys to lead the way and then wait for technology to become more affordable and accessible before they get on board. There is a fine line between waiting for a technology to evolve and getting passed by.  Based on years of experience working with SMBs, ACE IT Solutions has developed a keen eye for the technology trends that are worth the investment for small and mid-sized businesses.

Here is our list of SMB-worthy technology trends for 2012:

Bring your own device is gaining popularity, as companies begin to adopt Apple and Android products more widely. As employees are opting to bring their personal smartphones or tablets computers into the workplace for business use, business are going to have to figure out how to best manage business applications and data on employees’ personal mobile devices.

Cloud Computing
The cloud is not going away. The cloud isn’t the future, it is the present and could computing offers a myriad of ways for SMBs to save money and gain flexibility. From applications hosted in the cloud to entire technology infrastructures in the cloud, SMBs need to start investigating how they can take advantage of the great benefits provided by cloud computing.

Disaster Recovery & Offsite Backup
The winter of 2011 was brutal — blizzards and power outages cut off business communication and access to data, sometimes for days. Business that weren’t prepared were hit hard.  A solution as basic as offsite backup could have helped businesses weather the storm with little impact. Unfortunately, many businesses had to learn harsh lessons about disaster preparation before they took the steps to protect their data and business processes from natural disasters. Offsite back up is essential.

Cloud-based Phone Systems
Gone are the days of bulky phone systems connected by tangles of wires. Now, SMBs can take advantage of a robust cloud-based phone system that includes predictable monthly costs, built-in disaster recovery, unlimited calling and instant mobility with little to no capital investment and maintenance costs. Our clients have been very satisfied with the sound quality of the telephones and the features and benefits of cloud-based phone systems they have deployed.

Which technology trend should your small business invest in in 2012? Contact ACE IT Solutions at 908-704-0400, we will assess your current technology infrastructure and help you identify way in which you could become more efficient and effective.

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