Security threats that were once the sole domain of internet-connected computers have branched out into today’s mobile world as tablet computers and smart phones become popular targets for security attacks. The emergence of BYOD policies has created even more targets for hackers who will try anything to get access to your valuable data.

Now that iPads, smart phones and laptops are mostly interchangeable, security threats apply to all our mobile devices.  Businesses that thought they had their computers and wireless systems locked down and secure now have to content with the incredible pace of change involve with mobile devices, which are more challenging to secure than computers because they’ve got lots of moving parts to secure; not to mention the internet these devices are used to access is rife with insecurities.

When locking down mobile devices, you must also consider all the different “players” that impact the security of mobile devices: mobile carries, applications and app store curators, operating system manufacturers, users and their friends and device manufacturers. Each moving part requires real security attention.

When it comes down to mobile security, focus on five basic security flaws: architectural flaws, device loss, platform weakness, permission problems and application weakness. Don’t take it for granted that the vendor you choose for the applications that run your business have a clue about security and make sure the vendor has an SLA that covers security. Also, ask your vendor if they have a security development life cycle and a software security initiative.

The bottom line is that securing mobile devices should be top priority. Whether you have a BYOD policy or not, mobile devices are integral to business productivity and you don’t want to leave any back doors open for thieves to sneak in.

ACE IT Solutions follow best practices to secure business’ mobile devices and ensure complete data protection. Contact us at 908-704-0400 to secure your mobile devices and develop a BOYD policy that protects your business’ valuable data.

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