The new mobile reality means that employees will expect and need IT support for personal mobile devices from their employers. A mobile device management (MDM) strategy should be part of every business’ IT strategy to ensure security and productivity. There are two ways a business can go when developing a MDM policy, BYOD or COPE.

BYOD (allowing employees to use their personal devices for business use) is the most popular of the two strategies. Whether business like it or not, employees are leveraging their personal devices for business purposes and vise versa. It is in the best interest of your business to plan for this and put necessary security policies in place.

The stumbling bloc for most SMBs using a BYOD policy is security, which leads some companies to a COPE policy for mobile devices.

COPE (corporate-owned, personally-enabled) is similar to a fleet management approach, where the mobile device is managed as a corporate asset, just like a corporate PC. The business purchases the mobile device, which is configured for security and software. Employees are allowed to download personal apps and use the device for work and pleasure. The company owns the line of service and selects their preferred device and usage costs.

This approach works well for businesses with a low tolerance for security risks as corporate ownership grants the business the rights to wipe or disconnect devices.

Overall, the BYOD strategy seems to have more momentum among SMBs. A recent study by Gartner shows that more than half of the businesses surveyed require employees to supply their own device for work purposes as many SMBs don’t have the budget to shell out for mobile devices per a COPE strategy. BYOD, however, does have its share of hidden costs.

The best MDM strategy for your business will depend a variety of needs and motivations. The experts at ACE IT Solutions can help determine the best mobile device management strategy for your business. We can determine the best platform for support and what service levels are required as part of your MDM policy. Contact us at 646-558-5575.

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