Mobile device management (MDM) and Mobile application management (MAM) are key technologies for enabling secure smartphone and tablet use, especially in a BYOD environment. Though some of the use cases for these two technologies overlap, each technology should be considered individually when deciding how to best meet your company’s objectives. In general, MDM is geared more toward mobile device security and control, while MAM focuses on enablement.

MDM provides a complete device approach to controlling to securing smartphones and tablets. Companies can configure secure access to keep sensitive data protected. MDM allows lost or stolen devices to be remotely wiped, helps enforce use policies, tracks inventory and provides real-time monitoring and reporting.

MAM provides more granular controls. It allows firms to manage and secure specific apps on employees’ devices. Companies can wipe or delete access to a specific application without deleting everything on the employee’s device. MAM is also used to deploy apps and limit sharing of corporate data between apps. MAM helps companies with BYOD policies to create a list of safe, approved apps to boost employee productivity. This supplements the blacklisting features found in MDM technologies.

Some MDM tools integrate with MAM to automatically deploy and update mobile applications. All MDM products are different, your business may not need every feature offered. The technology you select will depend on your company’s goals.

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