We get this question from our clients all the time. They hear the buzz surrounding the cloud and want to know if they should be jumping on the cloud bandwagon. The answer is: It depends.

As the “big picture” starts to form around the technology cloud, it is becoming more apparent that is is where most small and mid-sized businesses’ technology infrastructure and/or services are eventually headed. However, it may not be cost effective to make an immediate move to the cloud.

Start Up Businesses
The cloud is ideal for new businesses because it saves them big bucks in up-front costs. With a cloud infrastructure, there is no need to invest in expensive hardware and software that need to be maintained in-house. Cloud services can be managed off-site so you can focus on growing your business and leave technology to the experts. Also, the cloud is flexible and can grow along with your business.

Growing Businesses
The flexibility and agility of the cloud allows growing businesses to easily scale their technology to meet their increasing demands. It is often faster and more cost-effective to provision new servers in the cloud than it is to purchase new servers and configure an in-house network.  Users can be added quickly and cost-effectively. The cloud also offers a level of disaster recovery and risk mitigation essential for growing businesses.

Shrinking Businesses
It is a cold, hard fact of this economy that many businesses are downsizing. The cloud saves businesses money by allowing them to easy scale down their technology to accommodate a smaller number of users. Since you only pay for what you use, you aren’t pouring money into technology you don’t need.

Businesses that Need to Update Their Technology
The cloud is ideal for businesses that need to update an aging technology infrastructure. This is the perfect time to move to the cloud. The cloud offers SMBs flexibility, scalability and manageability that may not have been available with their current IT infrastructure. Whether it is applications in the cloud, data storage and backup, virtual desktops or a completely hosted technology infrastructure, cloud solutions can be tailored to meet your business’ needs and budget. And, the cloud makes it affordable for businesses to keep pace with today’s ever-changing technology.

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