ACE IT Solutions has partnered with enSilo to provide our clients with comprehensive and affordable endpoint protection

The detect-then-decide approach simply can’t keep up with today’s threats. enSilo provides a multi-layered, pre- and post-infection protection, that stops advanced malware real-time.

Sophisticated malware is the new weapon of choice for criminals and nation states.  A multilayered self-defending security solution–agnostic to operating systems, mitigating malware in real-time, enabling pre and post-execution — is needed to defend against cyber attacks.

Benefits of enSilo endpoint protection:

  • Protects endpoints pre- and post-infection, stop data breaches in real-time and automatically orchestrate incident investigation and response
  • Stops malware and ransomware pre- and post-infection in real-time
  • A lightweight agent that utilizes less than 1% CPU and 50 MB of RAM
  • Supports a variety of operating systems, including legacy Windows, Linux and Mac systems

About enSilo

enSilo is the only endpoint security vendor that automates real-time protection, pre- and post-infection in a single platform. We recommend that our clients use enSilos as part of their layered protection strategy.

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