Distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) are on the rise — and the hackers that launch these attacks are only getting nastier and smarter, which means DDoS attacks are also getting larger.

In fact, the bandwidth for a recent attack topped 48 Gbps, an increase of more than 700% from the previous attacks. An attack of that size can cause significant problems, especially considering most organizations have somewhere in the neighborhood of a 10 Gbps connection to the Internet. The scope of the average DDoS attack has grown so large that no amount of emergency triage can maintain even minimal Internet connectivity if an organization isn’t prepared.

A DDoS attack aims the resources of many compromised systems in many locations at a single target, resulting in the victim’s systems becoming overwhelmed. This kind of attack can have a crippling effect on a SMB network because most networks have a finite ability to handle incoming traffic. 

SMBs should have basic security services in place to deal with DDoS attacks, this includes firewalls and intrusion prevention systems. However, basic security doesn’t have the capability to mitigate DDoS attacks. There are companies that deal specifically with spotting and mitigating DDoS attacks, but these services can be costly for a cash-strapped SMB.

At the very least, SMBs need to have these 3 provisions in place to deal with DDoS attacks:

1. Know the size of your internet connection. The larger the connection, the less harmful the attack.

2. Have a method in place to examine each incoming DNS response

3. Utilize the cloud. Cloud data centers have the technology in place to disperse traffic and dilute a DDoS attack.

4. Stay aware of any unusual network behavior

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