In a recent SEC risk alert, the OCIE has identified a number of COVID-19-related issues, risks, and practices relevant to SEC-registered firms.

Many Firms have shifted to predominantly operating from remote sites, and these transitions may raise compliance issues and other risks that could impact protracted remote operations

The SEC recommends that firms should re-assess their policies and procedures and consider their ability to operate critical business functions during emergency events.

How your firm can achieve compliance

ACE IT Solutions partners with the following vendors to help financial firms meet regulatory requests.

Netwrix solutions empower financial firms to identify and classify sensitive information with utmost precision while reducing your exposure to risk and detecting threats in time to avoid data breaches.

According to the Netwrix research, one third of financial organizations struggle to provide complete compliance evidence to auditors, and 64% of them are not well prepared to protect customers’ financial records.

Understaffed IT departments, time and budget constraints, and lack of a single source of guidance on compliance make it challenging for the financial sector to meet the stringent security requirements of government and industry standards.

Joint solutions by Netwrix and ACE IT Solutions enable the financial sector to:

  • Safeguard customer financial records & PII from loss and encryption
  • Orchestrate IT security with your data at its core
  • Slash the time required to prepare for external and internal audits
  • Cut IT operational costs by automating compliance processes
  • Avoid downtime and other business disruptions

Cloud Oak’s Plan4Continuity is a complete Business Process Automation platform that provides process automation for Business Continuity Plans, Incident Response Plans as well as any compliance and business process. 

Within the current Business Continuity Planning ecosystem, everything is manually driven. Plans are created via word templates, the continuity event is manually initiated and coordinated, and post event or post incident update are rarely made.

Now that many employees will remain working from home, Plan4Continuity provides a business continuity platform that will easily include corporate office users AND remote office / home office users within company-wide continuity plans.

Financial firms use Plan4Continuity to automate:

  1. “Back to work Preparedness” plans
  2. Securing remote office plans
  3. COVID daily compliance and screening plans
  4. Technical recovery plans
  5. Ransomware attack continuity / data breach response
  6. Quarterly cybersecurity audits
  7. On boarding and off boarding staff processes and more….

Need Help?

Contact ACE IT Solutions at 646.558.5575 or to learn more about our compliance and cybersecurity solutions for financial services in the work-from-home Era.

Clients should reach out to their vCIO directly for help with SEC compliance initiatives.

Read the full SEC Alert HERE

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