The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a legislative framework valid across all the European Union (EU) states, replacing a patchwork of country-specific legislations. It is a law that is designed to strengthen the privacy and protect data for individuals across all the EU countries by requiring companies to adopt new data protection processes and controls.

The new GDPR regulations have left North American businesses wondering what they need to do to become compliant, or if they have to be compliant.

The GDPR is relevant to all organizations that collect and store personal data on EU individuals — essentially any information about an individual that is collected and/or stored in such a way that it can be tied back to that individual will be covered by the GDPR. The GDPR is a mixture of good common sense and data security best practices, combined with the threat of fines for offending organizations. With this regulation, the EU is striving to bring the topics of data protection and privacy to the forefront of everyone’s mind.

Developing your GDPR Readiness approach is often as simple as applying a common sense risk assessment, determining an appropriate investment level, and then investing in best practices to reduce your exposure to the economically justifiable levels.

1. Organizations need to take ownership of GDPR readiness. The more you understand about GDPR the more empowered you will be to act.

2. Evaluate risk exposure –Understanding where you are on the data security scale, your desired risk reduction and the available investment will help you to build a common sense, reasonable, and effective GDPR Readiness plan.

3. Determine your investment level – Use simple math to determine an appropriate investment level in GDPR readiness.

4. If you do business in the EU, your executives need to understand and support your approach and will need to buy into your plan.

5. Invest in “State of the Art” best practices – ACE IT Solutions technology and cybersecurity experts can help identify the next investments you should make to reduce your risk further.

There are multiple ways in which compliance can be achieved. Sometimes it is purchasing a product, or changing your internal procedures, or maybe even apply default settings in an operating system. Because each company is different, there are no silver bullets for compliance. No single product purchase or process change will make you fully compliant. Instead you should take a comprehensive and considered approach.

ACE IT Solutions has security services and solutions to satisfy GDPR regulations for privacy and data collection such as file encryption, backup solutions, data loss prevention, mobile device management and muti-factor authentication.

If you are interested learning more about how your organization can meet and exceed GDPR requirements, contact ACE IT Solutions at 646.558.5575.

*Remember, always seek legal advice as part of any readiness plan for the GDPR.

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