CryptoWall ransomware has been known to do some serious damage. The ransomware takes down networks by encrypting files so that the target must pay a ransom to get access to files. This type of attack tempts most businesses to pay up rather than face the serious costs caused by days of downtime.

The latest version of CryptoWall malware is much more difficult to remove and uses innovative ways to propagate itself, like using ads on websites that take advantage of vulnerabilities in browsers and unpatched plug-ins.

Here is what businesses can do to protect their technology networks from ransomware:

Backups: Backup your systems on a regular basis, backup offsite and test the backups to ensure they are working

Patching: Ensure all website browsers are patched on a regular basis and are running the most current version, use as few plug-ins as possible

Training: Create a policy on safe internet use and train employees on security measures as employees are a primary point of exposure for malware and ransomware.

ACE IT Solutions offers cyber security solutions to protect your business and help keep your network up and running. Solutions include security awareness training, offsite backup and cyber security solutions for businesses of all sizes. Contact us at 646.558.5575 for more information.


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