Security breaches are on the rise. As the complexity of the threats rise, so do the security measures required for network protection. Securing your business’ infrastructure demands a comprehensive approach and a firm grasp of network vulnerabilities and protective measures.

Though, more than likely, you trust your business’ data and network security to an expert IT partner, by becoming familiar with best practices for network security you can be sure your network is protected. Over the next few blog posts, we will discuss the basics of network security and the best practices that should be followed to protect your valuable data.

This week we focus on basic network host security and security devices to your network.

  • For data to be fully secured, it is first essential to know what data needs to be protected.  Every business must have a set of documented resources, assets and systems. Then, identify potential threats to each of these elements.
  • Controlling physical access to machines and networks is another critical aspect of network security. Digital access into and out of the network must be controlled with a partitioned boundary like a firewall. The same applies to all devices that attach to your network.
  • Turn off services as part of the port lockdown process to reduce exposure to hackers, worms and viruses. Basic firewall software can block access to unnecessary IP ports on the host or restrict access from certain hosts.
  • Poor username and password management is a big culprit in network exposure. Follow basic rules for username and password management. Built in policies can help enforce some of the prime tenants of password management.
  • Maintain an access list that defines host names and IP addresses that are valid for accessing the device in question. This protects against any type of access that might breach an external firewall.

The truth is, people are the weakest link in any network schema. Most networks are comprised in by basic human errors. ACE IT Solutions’ expert technicians have the experience and expertise to employ best practices when approaching network security.

You can trust ACE IT Solutions to secure your network and important data, contact us at  646-558-5575 for more details.


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