The recent cataclysmic events that have struck Japan in the wake of the massive earthquake and subsequent nuclear disaster should serve as a serious wake-up call about the need for an effective disaster recovery and business continuity plan. Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, blizzards, and fires are all conspiring against your business. Is your business prepared to deal with disaster-related disruptions that damage your technology infrastructure, your valuable data, and your mission-critical business systems?

Over the next few weeks, the ACE IT Solutions’ blog will focus on disaster preparedness and business continuity planning  and the important points you need to know in order to keep your business functioning in the face of unplanned events such as fire, floods, storms, or other natural disasters. The effects of unplanned disruptions on businesses and the economy cannot be discounted.  Even one hour of downtime can result in significant loss of productivity that can negatively impact a business’ revenue and ruin its reputation past the point of recovery.

You can’t control the weather, but you can control how prepared your business is to deal with disaster when it strikes.

Disaster Preparation: 16 Points to Consider

  1. Plan, plan and plan some more
  2. Backup, backup, and backup offsite
  3. Designate alternative business headquarters
  4. Understand your supply chain and vendor disaster recovery plans
  5. Define your chain of command, know who is in charge, and be clear on what role each person plays during a disaster scenario
  6. Operate DMS servers in several locations
  7. Create a database of important contact information and other critical information
  8. Plan for people as well as hardware
  9. Train and educate your staff about the plan
  10. Build and plan for failure
  11. Plan for long-term outages in the case of slow disaster response in your area
  12. Document your plan
  13. Test your plan
  14. Update your plan to adjust for gaps discovered during testing
  15. Test and review your plan regularly to ensure it meets your current needs
  16. Be flexible

Join us at ACE IT Solutions’ blog in the upcoming weeks for more information on Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning and learn how to prepare, survive and recover from disaster-related business disruptions. Learn how to properly assess your vulnerabilities and discover steps to speed recovery and minimize the long-term impact on your business.

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