To keep your employees from breaking the rules, they must know the rules. Likewise, if you don’t want your employees wasting time on the Internet, you need to have a Internet-use policy in place.

The problem of employee productivity and data leakage is prolific for large enterprises and SMBs alike, especially with the addictive qualities of social media and online shopping.  Curb the temptation to surf with a written internet-use policy mandating that company computers and internet are intended for business-use only.

Here are some tips for developing and enforcing an employee internet-use policy:

  • Put it in writing and make employees sign it. Consult your IT team or technology provider for help in setting up a user-friendly policy.
  • If you suspect an employee is abusing the Internet policy, remind them of the policy. If they don’t heed the warning, gather evidence.
  • Software is available that automatically tracks employees internet usage. Employees that know they are being monitored are far less likely to abuse the system. Internet monitoring software can increase employee productivity and help identify who might be leaking confidential data.
  • Be reasonable. Allowing a small amount of personal internet use is realistic and won’t kill your business. It is the employee who is taking advantage or leaking sensitive data that you want to stop.

ACE IT Solutions offers an affordable suite of endpoint solutions to monitor internet usage and protect your business from insider threats to your valuable data. Our data loss prevention solution is deployed at the endpoint, so you can enforce policy on every device, including PCs, laptops, smart phone and tablets. Delivered in a software-as-a-service format, hardware is not required and deployments are only a mouse-click away.

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