As businesses shift more services to the cloud, and more employees are using personal devices at work, it is putting a strain on businesses’ Internet bandwidth. Brien Posey at Tech Republic Blogs offers ten techniques that help organization make efficient use of their available bandwidth.

  1. Block access to steaming media sites
    Streaming videos consume more bandwidth that other Web-based services. If you allow employees to use the Internet for personal use, be sure to block access to sites such as Netflix, YouTube, and other streaming media sites.
  2. Throttle cloud backup
    Unthrottled cloud backup can consume a massive amount of bandwidth. If you are using a off-site, cloud backup solution, check to see if the backup application is able to be throttled. Check with your IT services provider to see if there is a less bandwidth-intensive backup solution that would meet your business’ needs.
  3. Limit VoIP use
    Limit VoIP phone calls to business use only. VoIP is a bandwidth-hogging protocol and employees can use cell phones for personal phone calls.
  4. Use a proxy cache
    A proxy cache saves bandwidth by caching visited websites on a proxy server so the web page doesn’t have to be downloaded each time a user visits that page.
  5. Centralize application updates
    Instead of letting each individual PC in your office download updates via Internet, you can save bandwidth by setting up a WSUS server to download all the updates and then make them available to the individual PCs. This task can also be accomplished via desktop virtualizaton.
  6. Hosted filtering
    You can save a lot of bandwidth by filtering out spam before it gets to your servers. With hosted filtering your MX record point to a cloud server rather than your in-house mail server. The server filters out spam and malware and forwards the remaining messages.
  7. Identify heaviest users
    Identify your heaviest bandwidth users and determine why they are using so much. Your network administrator may need to review the PC’s settings and lock down bandwidth-hogging software.
  8. Scan for malware
    Malware consumes a huge amount of bandwidth. Be aggressive and proactive in keeping desktops on your network clean.
  9. Use Quality of Service
    Quality of Service (QoS) can be configured to reserve the required bandwidth for important applications that require a specific amount of bandwidth, such as video conferencing. The bandwidth reservation is in effect only when the specific bandwidth is being used.
  10. Get the bandwidth you’re paying for
    Many different factors can affect Internet bandwidth. If you feel that your connection is slower than what you have paid for, contact a network expert to help you identify areas where you could improve you bandwidth. Also, check with your ISP to see if you have a shared connection.

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