ACE IT Solutions is now offering website monitoring and management solutions to help business keep their websites up and running around the clock. Because unattended website issues can have a big impact on a business’ bottom line, ACE IT Solutions website management solutions were designed to help businesses improve uptime, safeguard revenue and gain a competitive advantage.

“Even if your website goes down for a few minutes, it can have a negative effect on your brand, your business’ reputation and your income,” says Warren Finkel, Managing Partner of ACE IT Solutions. “It is imperative that a business monitor its website at all times so that problems are caught and corrected before they translate into a substantial loss of revenue. This service is especially important for companies that rely on e-commerce to grow and maintain their businesses.”

ACE IT Solutions’ website monitoring services help reduce the total cost of ownership by delivering value-added services that increase the performance and reliability of a business’ website. For a low monthly fee, businesses get 24×7 website monitoring so issues are caught and remediated before users notice them, website performance optimization to ensure uptime, regular DNS checks to ensure domain availability and more. This service is currently available only to clients who subscribe to ACE IT Solutions managed services.

“ACE IT Solutions is fully committed to our clients’ success and our website monitoring and management solution is one more way we can execute mission-critical services and deliver value,” Finkel says.

More details about website monitoring are available at or  download our brochure.

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