ACE IT Solutions was asked to lend their expertise on penetration testing to the special edition of HFMWeek distributed at the SALT Conference in Las Vegas. We were happy to oblige, and our article on Penetration Testing for Hedge Funds was distributed at the SALT Conference last week.

The rapid adoption of new technologies and the increasing complexity of today’s cyber criminals pose serious threats to a hedge fund’s network security. Through a series of controlled exercises, penetration testing can identify security risks and provide a path to remediation.

Penetration testing is an effective way for hedge funds to protect data, prevent intrusions and achieve regulatory compliance. We work with in partnership with IBM’s renown X-Force to help improve network security in a controlled and cost-effective manner.

ACE IT Solutions understands the technology needs to today’s hedge funds and can provide solid guidance on the challenges they face, from selecting a technology platform to meeting compliance regulations to disaster recovery and business continuity. Contact ACE IT Solutions at (646)558-5575 for more information.

Read the special report HERE.

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