cybersecurity regulationsYour cyber security strategy should be constructed of many layers. If your technology is managed by a managed services provider (MSP) or managed security services provider (MSSP) then you want to be sure they have put these crucial layers in place to secure your organization’s data.

SIEM – Security Information and Event Management
SIEM offers cost-effective cyber protection for organizations seeking to safeguard their intellectual property, protect their customer identities and avoid business disruptions. Combing security information management and security event management, SIEM services help to provide real-time analysis and correlation of security logs, alerts and generate reports for compliance and monitoring purposes.

Firewall Management
Firewall management is a crucial front line of defense of any security strategy and should include firewall policy administration to ensure protection against outside attackers by shielding your computers and network from malicious traffic. Be sure to start with firewall policy audit to look for policy conflicts, aging and many other factors that can impact a firewall’s effectiveness.

Intrusion Protection/Detection Management (IDS/IPS)
Intrusion detection and prevention management aides in providing robust, instantaneous security monitoring, management and evaluation of servers and networks. Our managed IDS & IPS Services are designed to provide comprehensive protection for networks and servers against threats and unauthorized intrusions from both internal and external sources at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. IPS/IDS helps to not only reduce risk but also improve industry-specific regulatory compliance by providing real-time views into your security posture

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
Gain greater endpoint visibility by incorporating EDR into your security strategy. EDR also allows you to detect and respond to cyber threats and exploits.

Vulnerability Scanning
Vulnerability scanning adds an added layer of proactive readiness to your security strategy. Understanding your organization’s security state and identifying vulnerabilities are the first steps toward protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of critical data. These steps are also integral to regulatory compliance efforts. Vulnerability scans detect system weaknesses in appliances and networks. Start with external scanning of customer networks to identify the highest risks, then build a case around internal threats, cloud computing and mobile scanning.

ACE IT Solutions includes all these solutions and more as part of our MSP and MSSP services. ACE IT Solutions delivers customized service agreements to suit the specific needs of your business. Our comprehensive managed services plans offer the peace of mind of knowing that your network is being monitored 24×7, that issues will be identified and remediated before they become major problems, and that we are there for you anytime problems may arise, no matter how big or small.

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