ransomware protectionPerhaps the most shocking thing about the recent Yahoo hack is not the 500 million users that had their personal information stolen(the hack largest in history) — it is the fact that it took TWO YEARS for the breach to be detected. Congress has called this two year delay “unacceptable”.

Yahoo has faced mounting questions about exactly when it knew about the 2014 cyber attack that exposed the email credentials of users, a critical issue for the company as it seeks to prevent the breach from affecting a pending takeover by Verizon. The breach was discovered during a security review.

The senate would like to know how such a large breach went undetected for so long.Yahoo has so far not provided a clear, detailed timeline about when it was made aware of the breach.

There is technology out there specifically designed to determine whether a system has been hacked. There should be protocols in place so that security reviews are run regularly. Did Yahoo fail to make use of the technology available to them? Congress also wants to know what steps the internet giant took to protect users’ PII.

Companies cannot sit by and wait for a breach to do damage. Businesses must be proactive.

The new reality: Not IF or WHEN you will get hacked, but HAVE I BEEN HACKED?  Is your organization prepared to deal with the reality that your systems and the crown jewels of your organization, your data and your clients’ PII, has been compromised?

ACE IT Solutions and IBM’s Threat Intelligence and Detection Services – Advanced Threat Assessment part of their Emergency Response Services— will help identify the presence of a previously unknown intruder or malware and give you a complete roadmap to implement additional security controls to better be able to resist and respond to future attacks.

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