Though Windows 8 has not yet been released (it is scheduled to launch sometime in 2012), the consumer preview has been circulated for review and tech experts think there are a few features that make it a good bet for businesses, especially businesses that have not yet adopted Windows 7 and will probably be looking at an operating system upgrade in the near future.

Unified Interface
As more and more businesses adopt tablet computers and BYOD programs, having a user-friendly touch interface that is common across all devices makes it easier for users to switch seamlessly between devices, enabling new uses and expanding business opportunities. In fact, the touch screen interface, which allows users to tap and swipe their ways to other touch-based applications, is probably the most outstanding feature of Windows 8.

Windows To Go
Windows To Go allows users to run Windows from a flash drive, carry a flash drive between computers and use that Windows installation anywhere, providing businesses with multiple ways to run Windows 8  and related business-critical applications from a USB drive even when older versions of Windows are installed on the host.

Faster Boot Time
Users simply won’t tolerate long boot times, especially given the choice of fast-booting devices on the market. Users have better things to do then tap their fingers waiting for a system to start up and time is money.  Microsoft has demonstrated a Windows 8 boot process that takes 8 seconds, which everyone can agree is a great improvement.

More Secure Login
Passwords just don’t cut it anymore when keeping valuable business data secure, which is why so many companies have invested in secondary login methods to gain access to systems and information. In an effort to improve data security, Windows 8 has added the ability to use gestures on a picture for login purposes. Windows remembers the points at which you started and ended certain gestures and the location on the pictures where you performed the gestures. See this MSDN article for more details on the new login feature works.

Push Button Reset
Windows 8 has made it easier than ever for IT departments to correct issues that would have once required reimaging a PC to speed boot times and application performance. The Push Button Reset feature can help corporate desktop users get back into production very quickly.

If your business has not yet upgraded to Windows 7 and is considering a move directly to Windows 8, contact ACE IT Solutions. We will evaluate your current infrastructure and assess readiness for transitions to Windows 8 or a BYOD program to ensure a smooth transition across your entire organization.

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