Microsoft released Windows 11 in October 2021. However, not all businesses should upgrade immediately.

Windows 11 is designed to for powerful security and a great user experience across a wide range of devices and configurations. The upgraded system makes it easier to deploy new desktops, implement passwordless security, and unify governance—across your entire organization.

The upgrade rollout began in late 2021 and continues into 2022. Specific timing of deployment varies by device as not all business are in a position to upgrade. The new Windows system only supports very recent hardware.

Microsoft is improving its inherent security by requiring your PC to have at least Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 — while this feature has existed for some time there are many PC manufacturers that have not included this chip in their builds or enabled it by default in existing hardware. You’ll need a 2017–2018 or newer PC to run Windows 11.

Deciding on whether or not your business is ready to upgrade to Windows 11 is a big decision. When you do decide to upgrade to Windows 11, make sure you choose the deployment strategy that is best for your business and work closely with your IT partner to ensure a seamless, trouble free deployment.

Microsoft has announced they will support Windows 10 until 2025, so there is not a rush to upgrade. There is plenty of time to bring your hardware up to date so you can properly deploy the newest operating system .

Curious about Windows 11 deployment? Check out this deployment guide. Contact ACE IT Solutions at 646.558.5575 or with questions about whether your business is ready to upgrade to Windows 11.

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