We spend a lot of time promoting cybersecurity awareness as a key factor in risk management. If we have done a good job, then everyone in the organization understand that threats abound and they are key players in protecting the crown jewels. However, cybersecurity awareness doesn’t always translate into preparedness and protection.


Most SMBs lack the staff and technology tools to effectively address those threats. Research from the Ponemon Institute makes it clear businesses need help from MSPs and MSSPs to address cybersecurity needs. Many business leaders know that serious threats are out there, but the reality is that organizations, especially SMBs, lack the ability to prevent or detect them.

Keeping up with cybersecurity threats is no small job and only a minority of organizations have a full complement of cybersecurity experts in-house. Too many businesses do not employ basic practices to mitigate risk—such as applying security patches. Even fewer businesses take advantage of free cybersecurity intelligence sources, such as US-Cert bulletins, which help identify cybersecurity threats. Lack of preparedness is a continual struggle for a small-firm’s already-stretched IT staff.

By partnering with an MSP or and MSSP, SMBs are able to leverage the MSSP’s expertise to secure their organizations. MSPs and MSSPs act as cybersecurity consultants, helping organizations assess their risk profiles, conduct scenario planning, prepare incident responses plans (IRPs), and provide technology to help prevent and respond to cyberthreats, including endpoint protection, threat detection, anti-phishing tools, and data backup and recovery.

Rather than get bogged down in all the details that encompass cybersecurity preparedness, smart CIOs will partner with a reliable technology partner, MSP or MSSP, that they can trust with all the details.

ACE IT Solutions offers MSP and MSSP services to clients across all industries. We’ve structured our cybersecurity program to stay ahead of — and effectively respond to — cyber threats and their diverse, multi-faceted attacks.​ ACE IT Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of customizable cybersecurity services to meet your organization’s specific risk profile and compliance needs including MSSP services to keep your technology protected 24×7. Contact us at 646.558.6358 to learn more about how we protect our clients’ crown jewels.


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