Penetration testing is not just for large enterprises. SMBs are just as vulnerable to cybersecurity breaches, and because they have fewer resources, they have more to lose. Security breaches and related interruptions in the performance of services or applications can result in significant threats to your organization in the form of lost revenue and critical proprietary information.

Here are five solid reasons why all businesses, of any size, should make penetration testing a priority:

  1. Penetration testing offers the most effective way to rapidly identify your network’s most serious security risks and prioritizing remediation efforts.
  2. Penetration testing is used to identify which current security protocols are effective.
  3. Penetration testing helps avoid remediation expenses and reduces overall network downtime.
  4. Penetration testing enables compliance with security regulations.
  5. Penetration testing helps protect your company image and client trust.

The security of your network should should be a top priority and it demands your attention.

The questions isn’t, “Can I afford to run a penetration test?” The questions should be, “Can I afford not to run a penetration test.”

Using proactive, authorized tests we can evaluate the security of your IT infrastructure and identify any risks posed by specific vulnerabilities or flawed processes. We provide skilled consultants who draw from extensive experience manual investigation techniques and advanced tools to identify and exploit vulnerabilities. We facilitate consistent assessment, design, deployment, management, support and education services to enhance your return on investment.

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Read more about penetration testing: here.

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