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Your employees are one of the weakest links in your cybersecurity chain. And, with phishing attacks up 500% since the pandemic started, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a small business or a multinational enterprise, cybersecurity awareness training is no longer optional.


Better training prevents breaches

Most breaches are NOT the result of a technological failure. They result from employees not knowing what they needed to pay attention to ensure data security. Proper security training requires leadership. Make sure all all network users, even the executives, complete security awareness training.

It is better to be proactive than reactive

With so many attack vectors, cybersecurity requires a comprehensive, layered approach. This means in addition to adding cybersecurity technology to help automate security, you must train employees about cybersecurity BEFORE there is a breach.

Create a culture of cybersecurity & accountability

Security awareness training needs to come from the top down. It needs to be conducted at all levels, and more importantly, be seen being conducted at all levels so everyone in the organization knows it’s important. This helps build a culture of security and accountability where policies are respected and everyone works to minimize risks.

Hackers don’t stop and neither should your security training

Cyber threats and phishing attacks are constantly evolving. The training program you design needs to evolve just as quickly. You should conduct phishing tests regularly to ensure the awareness training is working. This also allows you to see the weak links in your human cyber shield and provide additional, targeted training.

It is required by industry regulators

Many industries, including the financial and health care industries, acknowledge that people are the weak link in the cybersecurity chain and are putting regulations in place for security awareness training. When firms are audited, they will ask for records that security awareness training was conducted.

ACE IT Solutions provides organizations with security awareness training and simulated phishing solutions to mitigate the risks of these inadvertent internal cyberattacks. To boost your cybersecurity posture, contact ACE IT Solutions at 646.558.5575 and ask about getting started with our phishing testing and security awareness training program.

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