Email remains a primary way people share information, with over 320 emails sent per day according to SonicWall.

The global pandemic and work-from-home initiatives have contributed to email being the most extensive channel for all forms of phishing and ransomware attacks.

Tempted by this massive pool of potential victims, criminals are constantly investing in new to scam users of these cloud-based email services. This makes cloud-based email one of the most desirable and lucrative attack vectors for opportunistic hackers. Businesses must stay vigilant about protecting employees against advanced phishing and malware attacks starting as Business Email Compromise (BEC), email impersonation and fraud.

BEC tops the list for email impersonation and fraud. This type of attack typically involves using a compromised CEO or other executive-level email account. Scammers use the compromised account to send fraudulent financial requests, such as paying off a fake invoice or wiring money to close a phony business deal.

Despite security education efforts, phishing/BEC attacks continue to be cited as a weak link in security. Even the most trained and security-conscious users can be fooled by a well crafted phishing email.

Busy users are often unable to discern legitimate emails from fake ones, recognize suspicious links, or take cautionary actions such as authenticating the URL, sender’s identity and company website. It takes only one compromised account to create a viral reaction among user-to-user, deviceto-device, and app-to-app that can be impossible to contain before damages occur.

You can’t rely on your human cyber shield – so what can you do to protect from email compromise?

A 2020 Microsoft ATP report found that more than one in ten targeted phishing emails can reach the user’s inbox. This weakness in the security layer puts enterprises in a state of constant risk, threatened by the likelihood of someone in their organization opening the wrong file, clicking a bad URL, or entering a password in the wrong place.

As threats evolve, cybersecurity solutions must evolve as well. Businesses need additional levels of protection beyond what the built-in security of cloud office system provides. Email security solutions that employ AI and machine learning add an important layer of protection to your inbox.

Your legacy email protection solution isn’t cutting it anymore. ACE IT Solutions partners with security first vendors to offer next generation email security services that use AI to simplify and amplify email security. Contact us at 646.558.5575 or to find out if your business’ emails are being properly protected.

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