We’ve been using term “Digital Transformation” for years — using digital technologies to modernize existing business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements.

Pre pandemic, digital transformation initiatives were recognized as an eventual necessity but were contingent on available resources. Since the surge in remote work, cyber attacks and ransomware, and a demand for better data security, digital transformation initiatives have taken on a new urgency. Requests for remote desktop, video conferencing and cybersecurity solutions have skyrocketed — SMBs simply can’t survive anymore without those things.

SMBs should be focusing on three primary areas for the digital transformation initiatives: security, remote work and internal operations.

Remote Work
By now, most businesses have realized that remote work is here to stay. In fact, many SMBs report seeing gains in productivity and employee satisfaction as they shift their temporary remote work situations to permanent. We are seeing many SMBs struggle with facilitating remote work. There are so many solutions that have come out recently to help enable remote work it can seem overwhelming. A trusted technology advisor can help you sort through the options and suggest the best fit for your business. In our effort to help clients transition “the new normal”, we’ve been working in depth with Microsoft Windows 365 and Azure and have seen great success.

Potentially devastating cyberattacks can happen to anyone and digital transformation can have a significant impact in reducing the number and severity of security incidents. Employees are connecting with company networks and interacting with data from devices and locations untold more than ever before, thereby expanding the potential attack surface for hackers. Endpoint protection, email security and threat detection and response are some of the digital transformation solutions that all SMBs should be implementing if they want to stay up to speed with the cybersecurity landscape.

Internal Operations
When it comes to internal operations, digital transformation is an absolute necessity. SMBs that conduct most of their admin through spreadsheets via on-premises software and personal email accounts have serious catching up to do. Digital transformation solutions aimed at internal operations can boost productivity and the bottom line. Solutions that help SMBs transform their internal operations include, and are certainly not limited to, document management platforms that help clearly define internal processes, business insight tools, automated accounting tools and more.

The unpredictability of today’s business landscape no longer accommodates companies using legacy tools to accomplish modern goals. ACE IT Solutions can customize a digital transformation program to help you empower remote work, strengthen your cybersecurity, and revamp your internal processes, reach out at info@aceits.net or 646.558.5575 for help with your digital initiatives.

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