Data is essential for every business, so why are businesses failing to establish effective security postures?

The cost of data breaches can be far-reaching and even permanently damage a company’s reputation or cause a business to close. Businesses must construct stronger cybersecurity strategies, and build a solid foundation for protecting the data that is critical to digital business operations. What steps are they missing?

Data Discovery

If a set of data does not add value to an organization or enable essential operations, it should not be stored. Using tools to find and classify, or “map,” the sensitive information in your network can streamline the data discovery process process. If an organization does decide to store data, there are responsible steps that can be proactively taken to ensure the data is protected. One of the best ways to reduce data leaks is to limit who has access to that data. Sensitive data should be accessed only by those who absolutely need it. Data shared with a third party or data that’s accessible to multiple employees via the network where data is stored is at greater risk for exposure.

Perimeter security

A layered approach includes the installation and maintenance of effective firewalls that track and monitor network traffic to determine who or what is allowed to access your environment. Be sure to use a private network with a sufficiently strong and complex password on the router. Require all users on your network to use explicitly strong and unique passwords for each account to avoid credential-stuffing attacks that steal login information to gain access to multiple accounts. Avoid unsecured employee routers, mobile devices, or hotspots, especially ones with public connections — these are particularly prone to security breaches.

Always utilize two-factor authentication and deploy and maintain an antivirus software program that can detect and remove various types of malware.


Tokenization can be used to secure sensitive data by replacing the original data with an unrelated value of the same length and format. The tokens are then sent to an organization’s internal systems for use, and the original data is stored in a secure token vault. Tokens are worthless to cybercriminals, as they cannot steal data that is not there. Tokens are also useful in limiting internal risks of unnecessarily exposing data or having it be shared or mishandled.

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