Passwords aren’t enough to keep you safe anymore. You need two-factor authentication to protect your data, your networks and your business.

Two-factor authentication, also known as multi-factor authentication (MFA), is a security feature that protects your online accounts by adding an extra layer of security. Instead of using just one factor to verify your identity, such as a password, you use two — your password and a one-time code delivered to you through SMS text or email.

You’ve probably noticed that more and more accounts are requiring two-factor authentication, which typically requires you to enter a code in addition to your password. Those added layers of protection are absolutely essential as hackers methods become more sophisticated. Based on Microsoft cybersecurity studies, your account is more than 99.9% less likely to be compromised if you use two-factor authentication. 

Not that a strong password isn’t important. A password manager will generate and remember long and complex passwords for each of your accounts. However, if your account allows it, turn on two-factor authentication .

There are several different two-factor authentication options out there, but they are not all created equal. Here are some of the best options:*

Security Keys
Security keys require you to insert your key into the the computer when prompted. Some keys are physical, touching the key’s gold tip or disc triggers the authentication. Keys can also be wireless. This is the most secure way to protect your account.

Authentication Apps
For sites that don’t accept security keys, like Amazon and PayPal, you can use an authentication app, which generates time-based login codes. Authentication apps provide a more secure alternative to getting codes via text message.

Text-based Codes
Code sent via text is probably the most common two-factor authentication method. Though text-based codes may be less secure than authentication keys and applications, any form of extra authentication is better than just a username and password.

Two-factor authentication is the most important thing you can do to increase your cybersecurity.

ACE IT Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of customizable cybersecurity services, including two-factor authentication, to meet your organization’s specific risk profile and compliance needs.

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*From the Wall Street Journal:

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