Data security and privacy were named as top issues impacting businesses in 2019 — cybersecurity has also been named as the number one threat to the global economy. A key component of cybersecurity is being able to identify gaps in your security program – data leaks. These can be both technical and human-based gaps.

Data loss prevention requires a comprehensive strategy to identify, protect and monitor sensitive information. As most organizations do not 100% know what data they have stored (often over many years and staff changes), who has access to it, and what users can and are doing with the data, this is a leak that will be exploited.

Data loss prevention is required to meet compliance requirements, but it can also help organizations to:

  • Protect intellectual property (Proprietary formulas, application code, responses to RFPs, client lists, etc.)
  • Enforce acceptable use policies – you may say in your policy that data cannot be copied and taken offsite, but how do you monitor and enforce this?
  • Prevent data theft and accidental data loss – Technology can be used to make it impossible for users to move and/or delete protected data.

Data loss prevention is a key component to a comprehensive and compliant cybersecurity program.

ACE IT Solutions offers a suite of customizable cybersecurity services to meet your organization’s specific risk profile and compliance needs. We’ve structured our cybersecurity program to stay ahead of — and effectively respond to — cyber threats and their diverse, multi-faceted attacks.​

We continually invest in evolving our information protection program, developing our people, processes, technology and systems to create best-in-class risk management services. Protecting your information requires a strong defense on all fronts:  from setting a dynamic cybersecurity strategy to developing and implementing comprehensive controls and information security services.

Contact ACE IT Solutions at 646.558.5575 or email to set up a security assessment. We can help you identify and fix the data leaks in your firm.

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