It is official. A study by Forrester Research confirms that business are finally ready to move away from Windows XP — the world’s best-selling operating system. Windows XP was released in August 2001, and has had a strong run — over nine years — in comparison to other Microsoft operating systems.  Microsoft has announced that it is no longer installing XP on new PCs, but they plan on continuing support of XP until April 2014, which means it is time to plan for the upgrade to Windows 7 operating system.

Windows 7 is officially one year old and has proven itself a viable replacement for Windows XP  — and a whole lot better than the much maligned Windows Vista. According to Microsoft, many businesses have started their formal migration to Windows 7  with some businesses running Windows 7 it in combination with XP.  The Microsoft Windows 7 operating system offers significant enhancements that can benefit your business and improve the user experience in a variety of ways, including an improved security platform and better backup and disaster recovery options.  Moreover, third-party developers are focusing their attention primarily on developing applications for Windows 7, leaving users of older operating systems out in the cold.

What does that mean for businesses still using XP? If your business plans to continue running XP, be sure it is kept up-to-date with patches. Since 2014 will be here in the blink of an eye, it is time to start planning your migration to Windows 7. A good approach is to upgrade to Windows 7 as old PCs are replaced — this allows for a cost-effective migration. The cost of waiting until 2014 to move all PCs to Windows 7 might be prohibitive for SMBs with limited IT budgets.

Desktop migration can be a complicated process that requires planning.  It is prudent to consult with your IT partner to help you navigate the upgrade and ensure you’re retiring the right equipment and getting the best return on investment possible.


ACE IT Solutions can make your transition to Windows 7 seamless and minimize downtime by planning and implementing a deployment strategy using your existing infrastructure. We have many years of experience helping business transition to new operating systems. We will assess your current hardware and software inventory and compatibility, data storage concerns, and infrastructure readiness for migration to Windows 7. Contact ACE IT Solutions for more information.

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