Once a hacker breaches your system and steals your data, whether it is PII or intellectual property, there are a few different pathways that stolen data can take — the main goal is for hackers to get that information into the hands of other criminals. The most common place for that data to land is on the dark web, where cyber criminals package stolen information and market it to bad actors.

Alert organizations will not only protect their networks from data theft, but will also proactively monitor the dark web for stolen data. Firms that want to understand their risk profile and take a risk-based approach to data protection need to know if their data has been exposed. Gaining digital situational awareness allows organizations to prioritize threats, and even forecast cyber attacks, to strengthen their security posture.

The dark web is also an rich source for actionable intelligence on a broad spectrum of cyber threats, allowing firms to detect threats not accessible through conventional monitoring and increase responsiveness.

Bottom line, dark web monitoring is a valuable addition to every firm’s layered approach to security.

We highly recommend dark web monitoring and intelligence to our clients who want to bolster their cyber risk management program. ACE IT Solutions works with Sovereign Intelligence to increase our clients’ visibility into inaccessible or hard-to-reach areas of the internet. Sovereign monitors the dark web and tracks bad actors on the internet providing advanced warning of cyber exploitations — kind of like a weather report for cyber threats.

Sovereign combines the expertise of the intelligence community with the ingenuity of Silicon Valley to create a smart solution to automate the identification and analysis of risks, threats and plots. Contact ACE IT Solutions at 646.558.6358 to learn more about strengthening your security posture with dark web monitoring.

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