cybersecurity regulationsIn an effort to better protect clients in the new “Work From Home” era, ACE IT Solutions has partnered with SKOUT to offer a webinar about the importance of security monitoring for Microsoft Office 365.

Microsoft Office 365 Security Monitoring is a managed security solution that collects, aggregates, and normalizes log data from Microsoft Office 365 to identify threats. We recommend that all firms using Microsoft Office 365 subscribe to security monitoring.

Join us on Monday, April 27 @ 1 PM EST  for Cyber Risk in the Work-From-Home Era: MICROSOFT OFFICE 365 SECURITY MONITORING to learn why you need security monitoring specifically for Microsoft Office 365 and how it will protect your firm during these unprecedented times.

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Questions that will be answered in this webinar:

  • What does the current cyber landscape look like?
  • What do you do if you have a cyber problem?
  • What are the five practical things that I need to do to protect myself?
  • What are the most common attacks against Microsoft Office 365 users?
  • How does Microsoft Office 365 security monitoring work?
  • How does this solution help meet compliance regulations?


Attendees of this webinar will receive a free 30 day trial of SKOUT’s Microsoft Office 365 Security Monitoring

WHEN: Monday, April 27 @ 1 PM EST

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The webinar will feature CEO and Founder of SKOUT Cybersecurity, Aidan Kehoe. Aidan has an extensive background in risk management and cybersecurity. He is passionate about communicating cyber risk and helping companies get protected.


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