As your business grows, your technology infrastructure and network grow with it. Branch offices open and people are deployed in new locations as your business gains new ground. To support those users, wherever they may be, businesses employ wide area networks (WAN).

Your WAN is the foundation of your business and, when your WAN is fully optimized, you not only get better performance and productivity, you also get the most out of your technology investment.

Latency and limited bandwidth over a WAN can hinder application performance as well as backup and recovery times. This has a negative effect on your businesses’ productivity. WAN optimization helps businesses get better performance from the technology they’ve already invested in and expand the capacity and efficiency of your WAN without adding more server hardware.

WAN optimization makes use of technologies like data deduplication, adaptive compression TCP/UDP optimization during transport to move data as efficiently as possible. Traffic prioritization assigns the right priority to right application at right time so users checking social media and other non-essential tasks don’t get in the way of essential business applications and VOIP calls.

Businesses withe more than one location can benefit greatly from WAN optimization.

The benefits of WAN Optimization

  • Increase bandwidth efficiency
  • Lower network costs
  • Gain more productive users
  • Ensures better performance now and in the future
  • Better data backup and recovery
  • Ensure the availability of your business-critical data and reduce backup times

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