An article in today’s Wall Street Journal by writer John Bussey says it’s time for CIOs to start reporting to the top: “Even though data security is a 21st century priority, at many companies, the organization chart is still firmly back in the 20th century.”

In the wake of the Sony Playstation hacker attack, companies are realizing that data is an integral part of a company and data protection needs to be a top priority.  To properly protect data, and the company, the CIO needs to be a key player in the top strategy team, right along side the CEO.  Though businesses dependent on data, such as the financial industry, have had Chief Information and Security Officers  (CISO) for sometime,  less than 50% of businesses place their CIO and CISOs at the top tier of the company, reporting directly to the CEO.

Is your organization structured to make data protection a top priority?

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