How Criminals Exploit Your Technology & What You Can Do About It

ransomware protectionRansomware attacks are known for their monetary demands – businesses hit with a successful attack see them range from a few thousand dollars into the multi-millions. The average ransomware attack costs around $84 thousand. Beyond a potential ransom payment is the true cost of ransomware: Business downtime. A business that goes down as a result of a ransomeware attack has a 60% chance of not reopening its doors. On top of that, bad actors don’t always keep their promises when it comes to decrypting business data, leaving businesses unable to access mission-critical data and unable to operate, resulting in lost revenue.

In this short, 8-minute video, experts from our partner, Datto, explain how hackers gain access to your data and how to use RPO and RTO to understand how much data loss you can absorb.

In this short video you will learn:

  • Some of the threats we are seeing affecting the business community
  • How hackers do their jobs
  • Who are the threat actors and how they target your business
  • How to secure your firm in the data-driven age
  • The difference between RPO and RTO and how data loss affects your ability to do business
  • Why SMBs are more vulnerable to ransomware
  • Why you need to test your backups
  • How regulations shift the burden of data loss
  • How SMBs can protect themselves



Datto offers comprehensive backup and recovery for SMBs. Quickly restore critical emails, files and conversations lost due to user error, malicious activity, or SaaS application outages. Datto provides reliable, automatic cloud backups, flexible restore capabilities and access to world-class tech support 24/7/365.

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