Here are the top 20 reasons why security breaches happen. According to the security experts at IBM, 80 – 90 percent of all security incidents could be easily avoided.

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End Users and Endpoints

  1. Double-clicking “on anything”
  2. Disabling endpoint security settings
  3. Using vulnerable, legacy software and hardware
  4. Failing to install security patches
  5. Failing to install anti-virus
  6. Failing to report lost or stolen device
  7. Connecting endpoint to a network from an insecure access point (such as Starbucks)
  8. Using a second access point (such as AirCard), creating a bypass
  9. Using weak or default passwords, or using business passwords for personal use
  10. Revealing passwords over the phone


  1. Connecting systems and virtual images to the Internet before hardening them
  2. Connecting test systems to the Internet with 
default accounts or passwords
  3. Failing to update or patch systems/applications on  a timely basis
  4. Failing to implement or update virus detection software
  5. Using legacy or end-of-life software and hardware
  6. Running unnecessary services
  7. Using insecure back-end management software
  8. Failing to remove old/unused user accounts
  9. Implementing firewalls with rules that don’t stop malicious or dangerous incoming or outgoing traffic
  10. Failing to segment network and/or adequately monitor/block malicious traffic with IDS/IPS

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