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IBM Security Services are ranked highest by Gartner in their Magic Quadrant

It is no big secret that traditional security controls aren’t completely effective against hackers. The “usual” methods of dealing with threats are no longer enough. Firewalls, network intrusion prevention systems, and network gateways can no longer reliably stop attacks, which have become more dynamic, malicious and increasingly complex. All of this is exacerbated by the proliferation of mobile devices, cloud computing and virtualization—in fact, the intersection of these technologies provides fertile new ground for threats and malware.



Threat intelligence helps identify advanced threats 

In order to effectively combat security threats, organizations must first understand the sources of these threats. They need to know exactly what they’re up against, including the origins, variations and methods of attack. Organizations can leverage threat intelligence data to help prevent security incidents and/or to minimize the impact of security attacks.

However, it can be extremely difficult to detect and analyze ever-changing threats, much less to turn collected data into insights that consistently identify the most dangerous threats—and then take action on those insights. Businesses must rely on security experts to do the heavy lifting.

ACE IT Solutions partners with IBM to deliver effective threat intelligence

IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence can provide the additional insight organizations need to take on these modern-day threats. Threat Intelligence, based on IBMs X-Force research, helps businesses gain more intelligent and accurate security enforcement. This elite team of security experts focuses on researching and evaluating the rapidly changing threat landscape, developing assessments and countermeasure technologies for IBM products, and educating users about emerging threats and trends. Products within the ACE IT Solutions cyber security portfolio have been optimized to integrate or incorporate X-Force capabilities—helping to ensure that IBM users receive the greatest benefits from this advanced threat data with the least amount of effort.

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