This blog post from Cirius does an excellent job of explaining how a significant lack of encryption and other safeguards left the door open for a data breach in cirius logothe US Office of Personnel Management (OPM), which cost the government millions of dollars and resulted in sensitive information from an estimated 21.5 million federal employees falling in the hands of hackers.

Security experts suggest that an investment in encrypting legacy systems would have been far less expensive than the impact of the breach. Cost is no excuse to leave data unprotected. Encryption and data leak prevention tools on the market today are affordable and support even the most highly regulated security environments. No organization – regardless of size or the complexity of IT systems – should be without email security. It is a necessity of this day and age as well as a competitive advantage.

So how do SMBs deal with the challenge of securing sensitive and confidential data in their day-to-day email communications when large enterprises with many more resources and dollars fail to do this themselves? Join our webinar on August 12 at 1 PM EDT to find out.

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