Security incidents have been on the rise for the past few years, and most experts in cyber security believe the trend will only continue to intensify. This list does not focus on the high-profile, headline-grabbing attacks we all know about but the everyday struggle of organizations everywhere, in every industry, to protect their data in a world of thieves. Here are the biggest trends of 2015 according to IBM’s cyber security experts and Emergency Response Team.IBM-Business-Partner-Logo-1

Trend 1: Onion-layered security incidents on the rise

An “onion-layered” security incident is one in which a second, often significantly more damaging attack is uncovered during the investigation of another more visible event. The security team has to carefully peel back layers of forensic information in order to determine the root cause of each event under scrutiny.

Trend 2: The year of ransomware

The infection scenario most commonly encountered by IBM’s Emergency Response Services in 2015 was ransomware. As its name suggests, this is a kind of malware that steals something from the user and demands a ransom to give it back.

Trend 3: Malicious insiders on the attack

The actions of a malicious insider can cause disruption of normal operations and potentially other harm. Even if the damage isn’t persistent, countless hours of troubleshooting can be spent by an organization’s IT operations team to investigate and fix the issues caused by the disgruntled employee.Shared accounts and a lack of accountability were the main issues in facilitating the attacks.

Trend 4: Greater management awareness of cyber security problems

Executives in positions of oversight—management, boards of directors, audit committees—are asking more questions about their organizations’ security posture. Given the recent highprofile breaches of many well-established organizations, this is a welcomed trend.

The major cyber-security trends of 2015—the challenge of recognizing stealth attackers on the network, ransomware, malicious insider attacks and growing management attention to enterprise security readiness—can largely be addressed by focusing on “security 101.”

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