Giving Financial Services Firms a Fighting Chance against Cyber-Criminals

By using IBM intrusion detection and prevention system management services through distributor partner Ingram Micro, ACE IT Solutions is protecting customers from security risks and increasing its sales at the same time.

Considerations for a Successful Data Center Relocation

In the wake of this past year’s storms, hurricanes and floods, it is no surprise that more businesses are realizing that it makes sense to move their operations to a data center. A data center provides risk mitigation and business continuity should your on-site operations become inaccessible. This article outlines considerations for a successful data center move, including tips for completing a site suitability analysis.

Which Server to Choose

Use this article to help determine which Microsoft server is best for your business. This document describes the various Microsoft server products and includes a side-by-side server comparison to help you match a server with your business’ needs and goals.

Cloud FAQs: Understanding Cloud Computing and What it Can do For Your Business

This cloud computing paper lists answers to some of the most common questions SMBs have about cloud computing.

Streamlining IT: Managed Services

IT managers at companies, both large and small, are increasingly overwhelmed trying to implement and maintain a complex environment of voice and data networks that must support multiple applications often spread over multiple locations in the U.S. and abroad. Maintaining the level of expertise and tools in-house to meet the challenge of managing the IT infrastructure adds costs and defocuses valuable resources. Recent technological innovations have driven companies of all sizes to outsource their IT infrastructure in order to focus on their core business. Learn more about the services and deliverables you should expect from your IT services partner.

10 Signs that Your Business Needs a Server & Server Benefits

If you’re the owner of a small-to-medium sized business with more than one computer, it’s time to consider investing in a server. Here are 10 important points to consider, including the ways your business can benefit from implementing a server.

10 Ways to Secure your Corporate Data

The same security precautions that prevent DOS attacks, viruses and worms, and other high-profile security attacks may not be addressing a much more insidious problem: theft of company data for corporate espionage or other purposes. This article discusses the critical steps you need to take to keep your business’ private data from walking out the door.

Microsoft Hosted Exchange 2013

Delivered from the cloud, Microsoft Exchange Hosted Exchange 2013 lets businesses communicate and collaborate more effectively than with any other email platform. Learn more.

Is it time to Upgrade to Microsoft Exchange 2013?

See this Microsoft Exchange Comparison Chart to understand the benefits of upgrading to the newest version of Microsoft’s popular Exchange Server.

Why Host Microsoft Exchange with ACE IT Solutions

SMBs are switching to hosted exchange to take advantage of lower costs, better security and scalability. Learn how ACE IT Solutions can help you take advantage of all the benefits of Hosted Exchange.

Microsoft Exchange Comparison Chart

See how Microsoft Exchange compares to older versions of Exchange. Learn More.

Windows Small Business Server 2011

Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2011 is an affordable all-in-one server solution designed to help small business run more smoothly. Learn more about how SBS 2011 can improve small business productivity.

The Benefits of Windows 7

Windows 7 OS provides many new tools and features that focus on improved productivity through improved usability. Learn more about how your business can benefit from Windows 7.

Networking: The Basics

A network often serves as the backbone of a business, providing an essential infrastructure that allows a business to function more efficiently. This article discusses the basics of networking and things to consider when putting a network into place.

8 Mistakes Business Commit in Backup and Recovery

Is your business guilty? Learn more about the mistakes that will negatively affect your business.

9 Reasons Business Outsource IT

Outsourcing allows a company to focus on its core business by having operational functions assumed by an outside expert. Learn more about the benefits of outsourcing your IT to experts.

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